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World Trainer Spotlight: Elizabeth Koosed NY, NY.



 Built Pilates NYC:

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Pilates is an essential exercise method that has the power to transform your life.  As a Pilates teacher I design personalized Pilates programs that address the challenges that your body faces and creates solutions to overcome physical limitations, setbacks and injuries. Your initial lesson will assess the parts of your body that are weak or stiff and develop a plan of action to turn those areas of your body into sleek and supple aspects of your overall physique.  No matter your experience or movement background, Pilates has something to offer everyone. Find out what kind of movement is right for your body by booking a workout today.


Education and Training:

After sustaining a back injury in 2006 I became a devout Pilates student. In 2008 I completed 600+ hours of certification training with Romana's Pilates NYC (formerly Drago's Gymnasium) and began my career as a Pilates Instructor while working to complete my Undergraduate Degree at NYU. In 2014, after teaching Pilates in NYC and internationally for several years I was chosen to be one of the first Pilates teachers to complete an Advanced Level Pilates Teacher Training and Certification with Kathi Ross-Nash ( a world-renowned Pilates Teacher). 

Photos courtesy of Louisa Moraes and Monica Delgado


Group Mat Class:

 "Elizabeth succeeds in constantly challenging us.  Her hands-on approach assures that not only are we doing each exercise correctly, but that we are getting the most out of each one.  She works closely with each of us in the class and helps us make adjustments where necessary, based on individual ability and possible limitations.  She mixes things up just enough each week to keep class interesting.  Above all, her sunny upbeat personality make for a positive fun experience."

 From Left: Jacquie, Sharon, Lynn & Freema after Mat Class in NYC 2016

From Left: Jacquie, Sharon, Lynn & Freema after Mat Class in NYC 2016

Private Lessons: 

"Over the past two years, I have looked forward to every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. That's because those are the days I am learning Pilates from Elizabeth Koosed. She is the best mix of all things that make a wonderful teacher.  First, she knows everything about Pilates. That knowledge enables her to adapt the multitude of exercises in order to meet my capabilities. If it doesn't work well this way, Elizabeth knows how to do it that way.  Second, Elizabeth cares about me, as her student. That makes me come back time after time to work with her, so I can learn more.  Finally, she tells me the truth. If I do something properly, she tells me. If I'm missing the mark, she lets me know. Without that honest feedback, I'd never progress. For me, I either train with Elizabeth or I skip the session. She has made Pilates a fun challenge and I'm very lucky our paths crossed."

 Ron H., 62 Working out at Pilates Challenge NYC 2016.

Ron H., 62 Working out at Pilates Challenge NYC 2016.

"I love taking Pilates lessons with Elizabeth because she is fun, engaging and knows how to challenge me. As someone who likes to workout out everyday, Pilates offers me a restorative time to stretch my body and release muscle tension. Elizabeth is skilled at approaching our lessons in both a therapeutic and mentally engaging way that leaves me feeling a few inches taller and a lot more open and stretched out in my body at the end of my sessions. I travel out of New York City frequently but every time that I am back I always make sure to book some lessons with Elizabeth so that I can get my Pilates Fix."

 Gail B. about to embark on a hike in New Zealand 2016

Gail B. about to embark on a hike in New Zealand 2016